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Here's the problem

Can you imagine being offered a raise or promotion and not taking it simply because you'd be earning too much money? Unfortunately, many people who receive government benefits are discouraged from advancing their careers because of a phenomenon called "benefits cliffs" or "welfare cliffs."

Here's the catch: when people start making more money, they can also become ineligible for certain local, state, and federal benefits. While the pursuit of financial independence is encouraged, there is often a pay window that leaves people worse off than before, because they are not making enough additional money in wages to cover the resources that they lose due to their increased earnings.


So, how does it work? It’s simple:

  • Select Your State and Year

    Try out our demo (with fixed state and year) to see how it works, or sign up to gain access to all 9 states currently included in the model. Don't see your state? Contact us to find out how you can have it added.

  • Create a Scenario

    Select from variables such as number of children, ages of children, parent or guardian ages, and additional programs to generate customized benefits cliffs graphs.

  • Get Results

    Toggle programs on and off to see how they impact benefits cliffs and hover over any point on the graph to see a detailed breakdown of the values of each program at a specific income level.


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