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Disincentives for Work and Marriage in Georgia’s Welfare System

Welfare reform conversations often lack a complete understanding of just how local, state and federal programs actually inflict harm on those who are most socioeconomically vulnerable.

ased on the most recent data, these reports provide an in-depth look at the benefits cliffs across the state of Georgia. A computer model was created to demonstrate how welfare programs, alone or in combination with other programs, create multiple benefits cliffs which disincentivize work and upward economic mobility.

In addition to covering over a dozen programs – more than any previous model – the tool used to produce the following report allows users to see how these cliffs affect individuals and families with very specific characteristics, including the age and sex of the parent, number of children, age of children, income, and other variables.

Available Reports

Disincentives for Work and Marriage in Georgia’s Welfare System (Revised)

UPDATED: 01-01-2021

Deep Red Valleys

UPDATED: 01-01-2021

Georgia Welfare System Reference Guide

UPDATED: 01-01-2021

Executive Summary of Paper 1:

UPDATED: 01-01-2021